Autobots! Transform and ROLL OUT!

Transformer fans rejoice!

Lovers of awesome action packed spectacle rejoice!

Michael Bay has delivered us one hell of a cinematic roller coaster ride. This Transfan just had the pleasure of seeing a sneak preview of the new film that starts everywhere on July 3 (although there are some early showings on July 2 at 8PM and midnight) and I walked out of the movie theater with a great big smile on my face. Even the fact that it was pouring down rain and my car was a football field away from the entrance to the movie theater couldn’t dampen my parade after this movie.

This film delivers the goods on all accounts and delivers them in a big way! The action is fantastic, the special effects are perfect, and surprisingly enough (in such an action special effects driven feature) the actors all turn in great performances that add that extra special touch to the film. Also, the humor works very well and is satisfying and natural instead of silly and forced.

Transformer fans will be pleased and yet people who don’t have a clue who Optimus Prime or Megatron are will enjoy this ride, too judging by the enthusiastic reaction of my friend who knew nothing going into the film other than that it was a movie that featured giant transforming robots.

About the only small complaint that I can offer is that they did such a great job with setting up the story and bringing the Transformers into the picture that they wind up having too little time in the epic finale to develop any of the Decepticon characters to the degree that lovers of the comic and show will remember. However, I’m sure that this will be rectified in the sequel that is hinted at by the movie’s final minutes.

Go see this movie as soon as you can! You’ll have a blast. So far this has been the best time at the movies all year for yours truly. What a great movie! Thank you, Michael Bay.