My Sweet Dog Bodie Has Died

My poor boy is gone. This is how it happened.

These people came by the house yesterday evening to inquire if we wanted to have our dead tree removed. I asked them about some trees and branches that were pushing through our fence. They said they could take care of those too.

When the tree guy and I left the backyard, the fence didn’t shut quite properly, but I secured it. They went back there again though to take some measurements and apparently they didn’t secure the fence properly.

After they left, I fed my boys Bodie and Doobie and then as usual let them outside into the fenced-in backyard to do their business. Melinda Google chatted with me to say she was coming home and asked me to put some rolls into the oven as she was starved. I asked her to get some bones from Target because Bodie had been sad and wanting one for several days. I figured it would be a nice surprise for him. After I finished chatting with her, I wanted to bring the dogs inside. If I leave them too long out there, they (especially Bodie) usually start barking at stuff like the neighbor’s dogs.

To my horror, they were not in the back yard. Continue reading →