Bible Loving Christians Who Like Joseph Stalin On Facebook???

Recently, Facebook started rolling out a new look for user profiles and along with this change is an update to the various links that get automatically created in the areas for things like favorite books, favorite movies, favorite activities, etc. Instead of links to a page showing results for searching on the linked term, they now point to Facebook Pages matching the linked term.

When Facebook rolls this change out to a given profile, they offer the user a dialog that shows the Page links that Facebook has automatically generated so that the user has a chance to make any corrections.

I’m guessing that the algorithm for matching terms to pages is a little off when it comes to some unidentified book that is popular with lots of Christians.

If you visit the Facebook page for Joseph Stalin, you’ll see that he has over a thousand people on Facebook that like him and if you click on any of these people at random, most likely you’ll find that they like The Bible and have other Christian interests. In addition, you’ll find that they apparently like a book called “Joseph Stalin” which sticks out like a sore thumb.

This amusing example of string matching gone wrong makes me mildly curious what the real title is.