A Brand New Look

I decided that seeing as I was moving from Mephisto to WordPress, I should take the time to revamp the look of my website. I’ve grown increasingly uncomfortable with the flat and old-fashioned style of my old theme, and I also was starting to find the color scheme a little harsh on the eyes. Despite my love for hurling politically significant colors at my visitors, the good old red and black look just wasn’t cutting it for me.

Finally, although I will continue to make reference to my anarchist political beliefs in these pages, I decided that it may be counterproductive to litter the pages with symbols of Christianity, anarchism and communism that scream at you from every corner. Sure, if a sympathetic reader comes to my site, they will feel at home with the symbolism, but your average Joe, who might at some point find that he agrees with a lot of the ideas that form the basis for anarchist thought, might never get that far because when he comes to the site and sees a bunch of freaky symbols, his knee jerk reaction might be to leave posthaste for greener blogging pastures.

So instead of the whole Christo-anarchism-run-amok theme, I have now turned towards instead simply striving for something I find aesthetically pleasing.

I hope you like it as well.

Expect subtle changes as I continue to work on improving readability in a few troublesome places over the next few days.

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1 Comment

  1. Ah yes, this is definitely a departure from the Iron (Cross) Curtain symbolism. I like the color choices and the strange attractor looking background. The only point of difficulty seems to be around the bottom left of this post on the main page, the background gets a bit light for the font color and it’s a little hard to read, but I guess you said you’ll be addressing stuff like that. All in all, I like it very much! Welcome to WordPress!

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